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"An alphabet soup of federal privacy legislation"

A webinar -- and actions!

A bowl of alphabet soup, and the logos of WA People's Privacy, Washington Privacy Organizers, and EF Georgia

Here's the video of the webinar Maya Morales of WA People's Privacy and I did, discussing the various privacy bills Congress is working on.  Thanks to Electronic Frontiers Georgia for hosting!  

Or, if you prefer, here it is on Facebook.

Here's the description:

Congress is working on a half-dozen privacy bills, most of them with confusing acronyms like ADPPA, CTOPPA, COPRA, HLDPA, My Body My Data, and The Fourth Amendment Is Not For Sale Act. EFF currently supports The Fourth Amendment Is Not For Sale Act, which prohibits data brokers from selling data to governemnt agencies without a warrant; and My Body My Data, which protects reproductive health information. By contrast, EFF's current position on ADPPA is "Americans Deserve More." We'll look at how effectively the different bills do or don't protect our privacy, and why it's so important for federal legislation to be floor not a ceiling so that states can pass stronger privacy protections. We'll also discuss how you can get involved to increase the chances that strong bills pass -- and weaker ones don't.

TAKE ACTION!  We shared actions from EFF and ACLU on several different bills.